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nexERP is in the market for the past 7 years serving clients in USA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, UK, India & Africa in different business domains.
nexERP is a scalable centralized custom solution

Through nexERP it's EASY to


We offer ease of planning for your business



Helps to manage your business effectively and



A well structured platform to monitor your organizational operations.


Scale up your business bounderies effortlessly through nexERP.
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nexERP is a fully custom made VAT enabled ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution. With nexERP, it will be easy to manage and monitor the entire operations of your businesses and branches through a single solution. It’s a scalable solution so that you can plan and scale up your business vertically and horizontally. Our key mission to make your operations process oriented so that you can monitor your business and financial reports even through our mobile app. Our deep knowledge in your business domain helps us to give you the right tool to provide timely reminders, effective approval systems, and quick access to application modules.

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Deep domain expertise & support

Our nexERP system is driven by our deep expertise and cross industry experience and global delivery model. We provide you a pano-view of your enterprise and enable you to optimize your processes and helps you to transform your organization with well defined, simplified and power-packed offerings which take your business to the next level. We primarily consist of service industry such as retail, hospitality, storage & transport, tourism, banking & insurance and real estate, for which nexERP software services can provide an efficient solution to take these industries to their top potential.
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Intelligent Apps For Every Business Model
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Employ global development standards.
nexERP versions are available for various domains!

nexERP variants available for

Modules & features vary according to versions

General Trading / FMCG

For all kind of Trading requirements.


Perfect solution for Hotels & Restaurants.

Wholesalers / Retailers

For all level of sub vendors in tranding.


Ensuring project wise management.


To manage the entire activities of clinics



Best solution for product developers.

Mobile App Available for both Android & iOs platforms

Now track everything through your smartphone!

User-friendly features

Key Features of nexERP

Following includes main features of nexERP application.

Data Security

nexERP has state of the art security features that provides high-end security to all its users. All user data are technically encrypted and even if your system gets hacked, it will not possible for hackers to decrypt it.

Cloud Implementation

nexERP supports live server/cloud hosting for users. Online hosting allows users to access data from anywhere in the world.

Offline Hosting (lan)

nexERP supports offline server hosting (LAN) for users who have no internet connection in their office. It is ideal for offices that runs on a string budget. It provides the same option as that that of online hosting at a low cost.

Manage Multiple Office

nexERP helps to manage multiple office using the same software even if the offices is in different locations.

Manage Multiple Business

nexERP also helps to manage multiple business using the same software. It is possible to manage business even if it deals with different types of operations.

Multi Language

nexERP provides multiple language as per the needs of the customers. The current language includes English and Arabic; however more languages can be integrated in the future as per the need of the customers.

User Alerts & Notifications

nexERP solutions provide user alerts and notifications for all reports including notification for internal approval. Users can also get custom notifications in their mobile and PC regarding any need the user might have.

Mobile Apps Available

nexERP has the provision to integrate the software with mobile application. Once integrated, the users can check any data on the go from anywhere in the world.

User Activity Tracking

nexERP solutions helps to track any changes that is made to the software. A complete report (user log) of all activities done by any particular can be checked. It can remove any malpractices that can happen in the office.

Hardware Integration Possible

nexERP provides for hardware integration to the software. This includes integrating billing machine, weighing machine etc. with the software.

Effective Approval System

nexERP provides effective approval system for the purpose of approving a payment or work flow from superior officers. This helps in the smooth functioning of the organization

Bill Uploading Provision

nexERP provides the provision for uploading the scanned copy of bills, vouchers, and invoice along with the transaction bill. This makes it easy for the concerned person to tract the transaction along with the bill in the future.

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Modules vary with respect to Versions!

nexERP Basic Modules

We can also integrate custom Modules with this

Purchase Module


Sales Module


Customer Management Module


Supplier Management Module


Stock/inventory Module


Accounting Module


User Management Module


Hr Management Module


Email Management Module


Task Management Module


CRM Module


Tax Management Module


Office/organization Management Module


Mobile App Management Module


Target/Incentives Module


Privilege Settings Module


Reports Management Module


Transportation Management Module


Production Management Module


Operations Management Module

Our clients are from various domains

Satisfied Clients through quality delivery in time!

Our major client locations are India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, UK, Kuwait and growing..

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Our Major Clients & Testimonials
Mr. Mahesh Maniraj Manager, M/s. Vazhiyorakkada Restaurant, India

We have been associating with Richinnovations, particularly in the areas of SEO and social media marketing for the past several months. we believe that they have a knowledgeable, responsive and committed team, and they have done a wonderful work to promote our brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new customers. We feel confident about their proactiveness and are continuously impressed with their level of service. We are happy with their work.

Mr. Lovebin K.Babu Director, M/s. Dufab Clouds Industrires, Dubai, UAE

Richinnovations has been an exceptional partner to our company. They have provided outstanding services and business solutions, tailor-made to fit our unique needs in the manufacturing industry. Specifically, their accounting tool and workflow engine were high-value additions to our Financial department. Similar was the case with the raw material management and staff management that helped in the optimal utilization of resources. I would highly recommend them to any organization

Mr. Muhammed Savad Managing Director, M/s. Unity Builders, India

When we first started think about customised ERP solutions for company, Richinnovations was one of our first priority since they had done our website really well. They delivered our ERP software on time and I must tell, it was really great. They helped us develop best practices and operating procedures to run our business more efficiently. I’m also very happy with their support and maintenance team. They are professional in their work and I really appreciate them.

Mr. Albin Antony MD, M/s. MyTeleCart, India

MyTelekart software by Richinnovations is a amazing tool that meets all our needs. The fully custom nature of this software allows us to use it for several functional teams in our company. I really like the integrations with Outlook that enables us to keep track of emails and calls. The integrated reporting tools also makes it easy to keep track of all your activities remotely. Overall.. It is a very good CRM and I would really recommend it to small and medium firms.

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